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If you’ve heard it in the back of your mind or from the horses mouth there are a couple of words every man never wants to hear. I can tell you now, it’s not “You’re not a good fit for this company” or worse still “You’re fired!” even though nobody wants to hear that, it’s something much much worse… And by comparison those words would be like music to your ears!

The words every man never wants to hear are


Eek isn’t that painful? And if you’re one of the lucky ones who hasn’t heard it, there’s still a chance you will if you happen to have a smaller penis than the average Joe.

Chicks always say they get it. That it’s the same thing with boobs. WRONG! It isn’t!

penis enlargement that works

Do boobs need to go balls deep all night long!? Hell no!

I like big boobs as much as the next guy and there are plenty of guys that love small ones but can you honestly say you’ve met a woman who says they prefer a small penis? I thought not!

You know there isn’t a woman out there who would say such a thing because it’d be like you saying “I prefer a girl bone dry!”. And you why a woman would never say that? It’s because penis size relates directly to female pleasure. I mean sure smaller boobies equal less to play with but honestly are smaller boobs gonna make you come any less?

By now you must be hearing what I’m saying? But I’m not gonna promise that everything will be okay with your little penis that needs enlargement.

To be honest, it’s not going to be ok at all without penis enlargement, because If she hasn’t mentioned it yet, you know she soon will!

The bottom line is if you think it’s too small then she does too, and let’s face it, if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have read all this by now!

The good news is you can increase penis size naturally so that not only will she think it’s BIG, she’ll be begging you for it! Dreaming away at work thinking about your penis and itching to get home to you.

Is my point crystal clear by now?

Ok so now for the answers. There’s a long list of penis enlargement products, so many you won’t know what to do and the toughest part about increasing penis size is choosing the best product for the job. The good news is my experience can help you. Thankfully for you, I’m now a Penis Enlargement expert – I know what works.

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